Common questions about our telemedicine visits and set-up process

Fairfield Dermatology is now using secure online telemedicine visits to evaluate and treat your skin concerns. These virtual visits are just like an office appointment with your own trusted Dermatologist, Physician’s Assistant or Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner, but use a mobile phone, tablet or laptop from the comfort and safety of your home. Examples of skin conditions that can be evaluated during a telemedicine visit include acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, cysts, and even some concerning lesions.

Follow these simple steps to schedule your telemedicine visit at Fairfield Dermatology:

Step 1

You will schedule your appointment by calling our office at 203.259.7709

Step 2

After scheduling your appointment, you will receive two emails:

1- An email to log in to Fairfield Dermatology Patient Portal.

2- An email to download the Pocket Patient™ app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Step 3

Shortly before your visit you will receive a phone call confirming you were able to log into the app.  You will also receive a device notification and email inviting you to join your video visit.

Step 4

Send photos of your skin concern (see instructions below) as well as front and back of your insurance card.

Send to:

Benefits of Telemedicine for Dermatology

To continue to serve you, we welcome you to use our new TELEMEDICINE VISITS

  • Safety: You and your family can see your dermatologist from the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • Rapid appointments: Your dermatologist can often see you within a few days!
  • Flexible timing: Virtual dermatology appointments are available during many time frames.
  • Effective prescription process: Treatment plans are personalized during your visits, and prescriptions are sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.
  • Same insurance coverage: Due to recent events regarding COVID19, Medicare and most commercial insurances are covering telemedicine appointments just as in-office visits.

How to Take Photographs of Your Skin Concern

Prior to your telemedicine appointment, the dermatologists are requesting that you send in digital photographs of the condition for which you are being seen to a secure email address. Indeed, the resolution of digital images that patients send to us is far better than what can be seen on videoconferencing, and our physicians rely on this information for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plans. These images, along with your name and date of birth, and front and back of your insurance card can be emailed to in advance of your visit. The images will be attached to your electronic medical record for review by your dermatologist.

Instructions for digital photography:

  • Take your photos in a brightly lit area. This is critical for photo quality to communicate the information that the dermatologists need.
  • Take several views of the area in question: “Forest view” (e.g., the whole arm), up close, and then at a 45° angle. The last one is helpful because the side lighting helps your dermatologist see how elevated the lesions are.
  • Get your camera to focus on the skin. If you are having difficulty, it can help to draw an arrow with a black ballpoint pen to the lesion in question. The contrast of the dark ink against the skin allows the camera to focus better.
  • Screen your photos and only send the ones that are in focus. Blurry photos are not useful for making diagnoses.